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Steven and Roberta Denning Professor of Finance 
Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution
Senior Fellow, Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research

Co-Editor, Journal of Finance

Recent Research

Beyond the Balance Sheet Model of Banking: Implications for Bank Regulation and Monetary Policy (with G Buchak, G Matvos and T Piskorski), 2020 (R&R, Journal of Political Economy)

Searching for Approval (with S Agarwal, J Grigsby, A Hortacsu, G Matvos and V Yao), 2022. (R&R, Econometrica)

Arbitration with Uninformed Consumers (with M Egan and G Matvos), 2022. (R&R, Review of Economic Studies)

Why is Intermediating Houses so Difficult? Evidence from iBuyers (with G Buchak, G Matvos and T Piskorski), 2022

Banking Without Deposits: Evidence from Shadow Bank Call Reports (with E Jiang, G Matvos and T Piskorski), 2021

Acess to data and statistics on financial misconduct across advisors, firms and regions available below: